Hello! I'm Pede Hollist
I’m a teacher, writer, and sports enthusiast with a passion to share everyday stories from Sierra Leone. This is your digital space to display your original, unpublished narratives.

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I spent the 2017-2018 academic year as a Fulbright scholar attached to Fourah Bay College, The University of Sierra Leone. 

In addition to classroom teaching, I conducted creative writing workshops at several schools and youth community programs in Freetown, the capital. I also attended literary readings and drama competitions. 

The students and audiences at these events were enthusiastic about creative writing because they had stories to tell. Their curiosities, interests, and talents motivated me to start this literature blog, another space to display creative writing that deals primarily with Sierra Leone. So, send your original, unpublished material, and let’s narrate Salone. See the submissions page for more detailed guidelines.

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