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A seedling am I

From good soil

I am watered

I dance and sing in soil moistened

Sunlight fed

I grow tall and beautiful

Insects befriend me,

Taste me and tease me

Allow me to grow into a full tree!

Don’t weed me because you know me not

Sheath your sword for me

Keep your rash hand away from my juicy leaves

Let more suns shine on me

Let me be the iroko tree

Or the cotton tree

Let me grow tall, vibrant and fruitful

I might become the queen of trees

I should breathe

Let me be

Let me fulfill my destiny

Elizabeth L.A. Kamara is a lecturer and writer. She lectures Literature in English in the Department of Language Studies at Fourah Bay College, the University of Sierra Leone. She recently published her second collection of poems titled To Cross for a Daughter and Other Poems.

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