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They raped you for your jewels, severed your limbs and splattered your blood

Leaving indelible scars of shame and tortured memories of pain

But your spirit survived the onslaught and they could not claim your soul

Rise Up Mama Salone, Rise Up

Disease ravaged your body and seized many lives

They called it an epidemic that had no cure

But you remained relentless and never gave up 

Rise up Mama Salone, Rise Up

You who gave us sun-drenched days on Lumley Beach

Breathtaking views from the hills of Leicester Peak

And that majestic Cotton Tree

Rise up Mama Salone, Rise Up

God smiles down on you

Your children all over the globe cheer for you

They will not abandon you

Rise up Mama Salone, Rise Up

Your daughters will cling to your bosom

Your sons stand unassailable to protect your honor

Peace, transparency, prosperity prevail

Rise Up Mama Salone, Rise up

Lift your head up high and show the world your magnificent beauty and grace unparalleled

You have endured, persevered, emerged from the darkness carrying the torchlight of hope

From Kabala to Freetown to Tumabum to Yengema – Rise up victoriously, Rise up triumphantly

Rise up Mama Salone, Rise up!

Tracy Olabisi Coker is a passionate Sierra Leonean American writer who believes that the written word is art that can open minds and transform hearts. “Rise Up, Mama Salone” pays homage to Sierra Leone


  • Posted August 10, 2020
    by Hermia Johnson

    Your storytelling is both passionate and purposeful. Your work is and will be appreciated all over Africa and the world to appreciate.

  • Posted August 10, 2020
    by Jeneba Bishop

    That’s was absolutely delightful, wow. Great job Tracy!!💯✊👏🤝

  • Posted August 11, 2020
    by Jessica Carrillo

    Tracy! Wow! I’m impressed! The poem is an expression of the fight of resilient women of virtue who gracefully fight through adversity. I’m sooo proud of you!!! Women across the globe can relate to this transparent expression of hope. #FightTheGoodFightOfFaith

  • Posted September 30, 2021
    by Amy F/W

    When life is dismal and I feel down,
    I will think of you and Sierra Leone.

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