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Sierra Necropolis

this land has become a vulture’s paradise

and we her leftover inhabitants

zombies in constant vigil over our departed

humming our common dirge as we trudge along

dragging behind us the remnants of our lives

like cankered mangoes in a tropical storm

profusely we fall into ubiquitous graves

with Azrael hovering in permanent watch

between heaving earth and drooping skies

his eyes watery from incessant blinking

as we wander about in funereal circles

to ourselves we wonder aloud

will light ever return to this land

or will the Necromancer king

continue to reign with his fiendish retinue

M’Bha Kamara is the pen name for Mohamed Kamara who lives in Virginia. He has published essays and short stories. This poem is inspired by the civil war and the general state of disrepair in Salone. M’Bha worked as a boy in the mines of Koidu.

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