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Wans na Gᴐd de sheb, ᴐl man go gɛt.

Today’s Proverb by Elizabeth Kamara

English Translation: As long as God is the one distributing gifts, everyone will have a share. (This proverb is a tribute to the magnanimity /fairness of God. Unlike human beings who share things based on tribalism, racism, nepotism and the like, God’s goodness distributes his gifts freely without favoritism)

Proverbs are brief statements of a general truth or piece of advice based on past experiences. So, yes, this section sounds like a contradiction. But what about facts and advice based on current realities? Today’s Proverbs invites you to express your insights about current happenings in no more than 25 words. Make your observation easy to understand and catchy. Provide English translations. Submit yours today here.

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